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Women's Advisory Board


Message from the Vice-Chancellor

University life, for students, is a voyage of discovery and of creating and sharing knowledge. It is a period of intellectual excitement, of joyous friendships and the warmth of a life-long relationship between teachers and the taught. All students should benefit from this unique experience. The University of Allahabad (UoA) is firmly committed to provide an environment for realising this experience without discrimination of any kind.

The Women’s Advisory Board (WAB) of the nodal agency in respect of the policy of the University against sexual harassment. The said policy as well as the Rules and Procedures for the WAB (Resolution No 21/18) were approved by the Executive Council of the UoA in its meeting on August 12, 2011.

I am happy that the WAB-UoA has been doing notable work for gender sensitization and in dealing with complaints of harassment, if any. The Report of the Hon’ble Justice Verma Commission, set up by the Government of India, highlights the role of educational institutions, particularly the universities, in changing entrenched social mindsets.

However, the task is enormous and needs the commitment of the wider University community. I look forward to everyone’s cooperation so that we may achieve our common aim of realising the constitutional promise of equality in all spheres for women.

Our Activities

September 27, 2013. Valedictory Function for Self Defence Course

The self defence course organised for girls of AU drew to a close on 27 September, 2013. A special Valedictory function was organised to mark the occasion. The chief guest, Dr A.R. Siddiqui, Dean Student Welfare came despite the fact that there were many demands on his time because of the turmoil in the campus on account of the student’s union elections and agitation by students. He won over the hearts of the students with his sharp wit and sense of humour. Speaking next as the Guest of Honour, Prof Anita Gopesh spanned a wide canvas of issues. She spoke about mindsets in a patriarchal society and the socialisation of girls and boys at very early ages that slotted them in stereotyped roles.

The girls gave their feedback on the course and said that it had brought about a dramatic change in their lives. Earlier they were fearful and anxious and felt insecure in moving about. Not anymore. The course had boosted their self confidence and they felt more confident about facing new situations. They expressed their feeling in poems, some of which are reproduced here.