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S. No.









Educational background (Masters and Ph.D. details)


Niche area of research


Total no of research papers



Prof. V. P. Singh




[email protected]

M.Phil. in Sociology, Meerut University


Ph.D. in Sociology, Meerut University

Globalization and Development Studies, Communication Studies

Book: 3

Papers in Journals: 38



Dr Pradeep K. Sharma

Associate Professor & Coordinator

[email protected]

Masters in Political Science, UoA


M.Phil. in Political Science, JNU


Ph.D. in Political Science, JNU


Globalization, Development Studies, Governance, Policy Studies, CSR, Democratization & Equality Studies, Dalit & Subaltern Studies

Books: 2

Research Papers: 10

Chapters in edited book: 5



Dr. Subhash Shukla

Assistant Professor

[email protected]

M.A. in Pol.Sc. from University of Allahabad


Ph.D from Pol.Sc. Deptt., University of Allahabad

Indian Foreign Policy, International Relations, Indian Political System, Globalisation & Development Studies

Two single authored books;

Two co authored books;

One co-edited book;

11 chapters in edited books;

20 published papers


Dr. Santosh Kumar

Assistant Professor

[email protected]

M.Phil. in SIS, JNU


Ph.D. in SIS, JNU


Health, Ethnicity Conflict, Population, Regional Economics and Environment

Books: 2

Paper: 7



Dr Sumit Saurabh Srivastava

Assistant Professor

[email protected]

Masters in Sociology, JNU


M.Phil. in Sociology, JNU & IIT Bombay


Ph.D. in Sociology, JNU


Sociology of Development,

Gender / Women’s Studies

Papers in Journals: 18


Chapters in edited book: 09


Dr. Amgira Sen Sarma

Assistant Professor

[email protected]

Masters-International Relations, Jadavpur University, Kolkata


M.Phil. in SIS, JNU


Ph.D.  in SIS,  JNU

Indian Foreign Policy, Energy Politics, Global Governance, Public Policy

Book: 2


Research Papers: 14